Building Email Lists with Lead Magnets Webinar Recap

In a recent webinar with GetResponse, Barry Feldman discussed ways to grow your email list with an essential piece of content: a lead magnet.


What’s a lead magnet?

You might know it by another name: opt-in offer, gated content, content upgrade, sign-up incentive. It is a piece of content you offer in exchange for your website visitor’s email address (and any other information you happen to want to gather). It’s part of the way you build a relationship with a subscriber by providing them value.


How do you provide value?

The gated content you create, simply put, must solve a problem for your potential subscriber. A strong lead magnet is several things:

  • enticing
  • specific
  • helpful

Remember, the goal is to solve a problem. You must make sure that your lead magnet does this, but is also attractive enough to your lead that they want it.

And how do you know people will want your lead magnet? Research into your topic of expertise. There are several ways to do this, starting with keyword research (Google’s keyword planner tool), your website’s onsite search tool, and social media sharing – look into Buzzsumo, or a tool like it, to help you do this. These don’t even scratch the surface for research options, either.


What makes a good lead magnet?

How will you know your lead magnet is good, once you’ve done your research? It should have these qualities:

  • specific
  • delivers a desired result
  • provides instant gratification
  • authoritative
  • worth money

There are many different types of lead magnets, and yes, a webinar is one. If you’d like to learn about 15 more, plus get a freebie from my website, watch the webinar video!



What kind of success have you had with opt-in offers? What worked best for you? Share your experience in the comments below.

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