Some of us just want to make some extra money, here are 5 ways to make money on the internet, from youtube to blogging these are some my tips I really hope this helps some of you!


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Patricia Bright

For all my people who are interested in finding out some ways that you
could make some extra cash online! I hope this helps you, and if you know
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    Paris shea

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Caprice Foster

it satisfies me very much that this video is exactly 10 minutes long

Lauren Goodall

You have such a great way of talking to the camera, i feel like you’re
actually talking to me! I love your videos so much !

    Tokunbo iranlowo

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Patricia, I don’t usually write comments but I just want to thank you so
much for blessing me with this information, I truly believe that God is
using you to enhance the lives others! 


Thank you for this! Gonna start filming my own videos pretty soon! :)

Lisa Joseph

Thanks Really Enjoyed!

This is us

We just came across this…very informative


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Mananja Diana

wow may God bless you patty, I really had no idea that I can make money
online and for sure I haven’t come across any youtuber who even takes a
step to share such information. you are true blessing


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John Pike

Well done Patricia. Awesome video.


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Iam Jo

just watch your video. I’m a designer ,procrastinating about starting my
YouTube channel. I have only one video so far. anyway something you said
are very interesting, because I believed that once u being yt that’s all
there is.

Blessed Gemini

Youre too peng man


hello! This is my first time watching your videos and I wanted to say you
are so pretty and I love your personality. Thank you for such helpful
videos as I might start a Youtube channel myself. Gabrielle

    Michael Reyes

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Daniel Whatling

Can I say you look gorgeous n look amazing

Lara Rebekah Worthington

You are beautiful 😻😻😻

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kelly wanteu

When you are an in America and don’t understand the deal with pounds
because you use dollars…#i’mmovingtoUnitedKingdom

    kelly wanteu

    That was my way of being sarcastic. Not actually being literal

Qumar Austin

Luv me some Patti Bright♡♡♡♡♡♡♡


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Everything Gaming

U have funny shaped head

    maria ivanna

    You have a funny shaped ego

    Jack Wells

    at least she has a head

Cutie mattews

do you have any update for 2016

Zack Johnson

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    David Smith

    Nice information.

Mark Williams

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