The Complete Guide to Generating Leads, Nurturing Prospects, and Driving Conversions

In order to help you kick-start the new year strong, we’ve prepared a complete guide to generating leads, nurturing prospects, and driving conversions. This guide will take you through the entire customer journey and help you improve your profits — one step at a time. Use the guide to develop the right digital skills and mindset for high performance.


Customer journey

 In the article Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2017, Kath Pay – CEO of Holistic Email Marketing, shared the following prediction:

“Game changing trend or tactic in 2017? It’s not technology. It’s not a tactic. The game changer will be a change in the mindset of the email marketer, which in turn will affect their strategy. Whilst email is a channel, the email marketer of 2017 will look more at the complete customer journey than just the email itself. They will realize that email marketing is so much more than just the email being pushed out. They will understand that it is all to do with the customer journey and that optimizing the customer journey is central to their success as an email marketer. Email marketers of 2017 will become customer experience marketers – doing what they can to improve the customer experience and reduce the barriers to conversions.”

We also believe that you can improve you marketing program and increase conversions only by looking at the complete customer journey. That’s why we covered the following stages: lead generation, lead nurturing, conversion, and delight. You can use our tried and tested tactics to create a digital marketing strategy that brings results.



One of the main ideas behind this guide is to help you translate your online marketing activities into business objectives. As marketing becomes more data-driven due to technology, you can finally tie your marketing processes to revenues and cost.

And that’s why you need to take time to build clear marketing processes first. Just imagine what happens when you try to use technology to automate without any logic behind marketing activities 😉


Teaming up with Sales

Revenue is the ultimate goal both for sales and marketing (at least should be). And if you want to track conversions tied to revenue, it’s time to team up with the sales department.

Usually the ultimate marketing goal is to provide business with leads. However, many marketing teams still focus on quantity instead of quality. They consider anyone who completed a download form a lead and send their details right to the sales department.

A huge number of unqualified leads makes a sales rep’s life more difficult, instead of helping them close more deals. That’s why you need to cooperate with sales department in order to establish proper criteria for a sales qualified lead (SQL). Your sales reps know when people are ready to purchase – just ask them.


Download the guide

Use tips from this guide to create a consistent marketing operations program that attracts the right people and helps to you build long-term relationships with you customers.

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