Video Guides to Jumpstart Your Marketing Automation Journey

Not sure how you should start using marketing automation? Start simple! Marketing automation doesn’t have to be a large-scale endeavor. It’s all about sending highly-targeted messages to your subscribers, based on their data or behavior. And GetResponse Marketing Automation is all about making such technology available to everyone – not just those with huge marketing budgets.

Anyone can benefit from tracking subscriber engagement and behavior, and then sending uber-relevant content to them. On top of that, reports are showing that in 2017 more small businesses will increase their marketing budgets, and marketing automation will continue growing in significance. So if you are just starting out with marketing automation, you are in good company, and right on time!

Check out our five new video guides that will show you how to:

  • Welcome subscribers
  • Retarget lethargic leads
  • Thank customers for their purchase
  • Encourage completed purchases
  • Reward loyal subscribers


  1. Convert and welcome customers with an automated welcome series.

    Based on our sample online candy retailer, The Chocolate Monster, here you can see how the shop welcomes new subscribers who join their list from their homepage sign-up form. When someone signs up, the workflow is automatically trigged, and the shop begins engaging (and converting!) their new subscribers.



  2. Retarget your leads with exclusive content.

    Every subscriber list will eventually contain some “lethargic” leads that have stopped engaging with your content. Here, The Chocolate Monster shop works to entice those leads back to their side with an exclusive download, through a simple marketing automation workflow.



  3. Thank customers for their purchase and encourage repeat sales.

    Of course you want to confirm a customer’s purchase, so why not automate it? Through a simple two-step workflow, The Chocolate Monster shop confirms a completed purchase, and works to upsell with additional products at the same time.



  4. Hold on tightly! Don’t let abandoned carts slip away.

    There are plenty of disheartening statistics and reports out there about the online cart abandonment rates and how much revenue this costs online business, but through marketing automation you can do your part to win back those cart abandoners. The Chocolate Monster shop has a simple two-step workflow to automatically remind and entice those potential customers to return and complete their purchase.



  5. Reward top-engagers with exclusive offers.

    You don’t want to only focus on those subscribers who aren’t engaging with your messages or completing their purchases. Don’t forget to thank your loyal subscribers from time to time for engaging with your content. A simple marketing automation workflow puts this “thank you” workflow on autopilot, and ensures your subscribers know you haven’t forgotten about them. In this video, The Chocolate Monster shop uses a subscriber scoring strategy to pinpoint their loyal subscribers and offer them exclusive deals.



What are you waiting for?

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Looking for more inspiration? Check out our marketing automation video library.


Over to you


Have you tried marketing automation before? What are some of your goals when you think about automating? Let us know in the comments below!

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