Webinar Retrospective: Answering Some of the Unanswered Questions

First of all, we’d like to say thank you to all of you who attended yesterday’s “Put Landing Pages to work” webinar. We had a wonderful session where we discovered Landing Pages together and answered some of your questions. Some, because there was not enough time to go through each and every question.

So, we created this blog post to answer the questions that were left unanswered.

Will this webinar be available for a replay?

Definitely! As a matter of fact, you already received an email including the recording of this webinar. However, if you’re reading this blog post first time and wondering if there will be more landing page webinars, worry no more. Click this link to register for the upcoming one.

How can I link landing pages to my domain name? 

You can surely use your own domain for your own GetResponse landing pages. Here’s a useful article about using custom domains for landing pages.


Can I import templates to the landing page editor?

 There is no direct option to do this. However, you can paste your own HTML code inside the landing page HTML editor. Mind you, we do not assist with custom coding here.

Another solution could be to use “start from scratch” templates and edit the HTML code within the editor.


I currently use a competitor and publish landing pages through WordPress to have the URL in my custom domain. Is GetResponse able to do that?

With GetResponse, you can publish your landing pages directly from the platform. Before hitting the publish button, you can direct your landing pages to your own domain.


Is each A/B testing variant considered a different landing page?

Not really. When A/B testing variants, GetResponse creates an identical copy of your main (control) page. Once you have your variant page, you can change elements, tweak copy, or change button colors to see which version performs better. In a way, both pages are different design-wise, but they can’t be completely different pages.


Is there a limit to the number of variants I can have? 

If you’re a free trial user or an Email package user, you can’t run A/B tests, so no chance to have any variants.


How do you align the fill-in forms with the button so when the page size changes the button stays centered in the box?

GetResponse landing pages are fully responsive. That means, no matter what screen size your visitors have, your page will look proper and optimized.


Thank you pages questions

We also received some questions regarding thank you or confirmation pages. We thought we’d gather all these questions together so that we could provide you with one general answer.


Can I add a download button to the thank you page? Can the thank you page have a link to download a PDF which is offered after signup? Can thank you pages act as opt-in pages?

Yes. You can edit thank you pages just as you’d work on a landing page. This means, all the tools, including forms, buttons, or linking are available for thank you pages.


How can I sign up for the Essential Landing Page course? 

Here’s a link to our in-depth landing page course. You can find everything you need to know about using landing pages to run successful online marketing campaigns.

Wrapping Up

I hope you found this webinar useful. I’d also like to remind you once again that we’ll be running another session next month. Sign up using this link. See you next time!

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